Government Video Show and the Digital DC Creatives

The last talks of the year. Phew. 

The first talk was about VR - I called Stitch and Bitch. Surprisingly they let the title go through. It was a combination of the lay of the VR landscape and seeing how the sausage gets made - stitching. 

A favorite - Mastering Compression was next. I've included three presets, A client preset and two better all around h264 presets. One is optimized for 1080, the other 720. 

Then, thanks to Robbie Carman, of Mixing Light I spoke about Log/Luts and more in production.

Over to the DDC User group - where I spoke about secondaries, with the key message being if you can visualize a mask, you can correct/work on that area.

Last - an All day color correction in Adobe Premiere Pro class.

Once you signup, I'll give you all of these talks along with the presets and my Search Bins project for Premiere. Take a look it does some cool things!

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NY November MoPictive Event at AbleCine

I miss New York. I recently got a chance to return to the [NY MoPictive User group]( Last time I was there was 4-5 years ago. And I was there in the very first year!

I came to do 20 Adobe Premiere Pro tips and talk about the Editors Retreat. As always, I got to hang out with wonderful people and hopefully keep alive independent work!

I said I'd provide my notes. To get them you need to sign up for my mailing list. Super easy (and yes, if you really want to unsubscribe it's okay.)  Included is my Alpha of my search bins project. (with instructions!)

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They meet at AbleCine - Probably the best place to get and rent professional gear. I showed up early and learned why they're the leader in such things (and why you don't want to just rent from random people.) They do extensive calibration on each camera and lens each time it goes out.

New York Post Production Show

Every time I go to this show, I remember how much I miss NYC.

If you have a photo of me from the show, would you mind dropping it here? 

I gave four talks:

  • A boot camp on Compression
  • Proxies and you in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • A talk on VR Productions
  • Secondaries in Adobe Premiere Pro 

In both of the compression talks (boot camp + proxies), I've included my presets (and extras!) for you to use.

Additionally, not connected to any session is a "search folder" project that you can import into your own

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Adobe Max 2016 Session notes (and more!)

If you attended Abobe Max and came to one of my sessions...thanks for being so patient!

I gave 3.5 talks (three talks plus a repeat)

  • Avoid the Mistakes - all the mistakes you might make in Preproduction through Post.
  • Compression made easy/Proxies and you - a session about some basics about video compression and how the proxy process works in Premeire.
  • Getting organized for Video editors and creative cloud. A session on how to start and stay organized in Premiere. (This session was named incorrectly on the signage.)

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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening. Whenever you came here.

I hope you enjoyed my session.

This is a placeholder post - I won't get to post my notes until I'm finished speaking. So Saturday or Sunday. Maybe as late as Monday, because I missed Halloween with my kids. shouldn't have to remember to visit here (but of course you can!)

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Final Cut Pro X Creative Summit

And now we're on 10.3!

This event is special to me - it's one of the friendliest conferences I get to go to.

Speaking of which - I have *NO PHOTOS* of me speaking. If you happen to have one, I'd love to have it.

Go here to upload photos:

My sessions

Color Correction Basics

This 5 hour class laid the groundwork for some good practices for CC. See the Advanced Class info.

Compression Made Easy

Among other things - I built a preset for clients - CBR, a little crunchy + a watermark. You'll have it too when you download my notes.

Just drag it into Compressors Setting window.

Advanced Color Correction

I included the complex color board with a Primary, Secondary for faces (a combination of a keyer and a shape), and a third color board as a Vignette.

Just double click it to add it to your system.

To get my notes:

Sign up here (which is a very low friction, low contact list) and at the end of the signup, you'll get a link to all of my notes & presets. 




Here's the 30 in 30 list

  • Shift T (Transform), Shift C (crop), Optional D (distort)
  • Audition in the Browser
  • Controlling the Video (Ctrl V) for the video animation
  • Using click/shift click to adjust the timing of an animation on the timeline
  • Shift 1,2,3 to modify adding clips to the timeline
  • Spatial conform of multiple stills via the Bottom of the Video tab of the inspector. Don't miss "Fill" vs. "Fit"
  • Holding down the tool key (like Z) and using release and have it snap back to the Arrow.
  • X to mark the spot. Q to add a clip exactly to that duration.
  • X to mark the spot, CMD-Opt-W to add a lower third perfectly on a clip.
  • Optional R - Replace from Start.
  • Adding a Freeze Frame from the Browser (opt F) adds it as a connected clip - and doesn't disturb your timing
  • Quickest montage.
    • Add Music under a Gap
    • CMD B tap while playing back
    • Opt R replace as you go. 
  • The Optional Control of Loudness is absolute - perfect for quickly setting music to not blast your years
  • Bonus: Opt click the green dot to maximize OS X windows w/o going full screen.
  • Bonus: Three finger swipe down in OS X to show recent documents.

Adobe Video World 2016

Thanks for seeing my sessions.

Silly quesiton: Any pictures of me teaching? 

Jump to the end if you just want the signup information (although there is cool stuff in this post)

Next events

Adobe Video World thoughts

The people are what makes the events I take part in.

Yes, I could record training and/or post to a blog at home. But to have the human interaction? That's what I value about conferences.

All I'm saying is both now and later - don't be a stranger. I wasn't kidding when I said you can email me for the rest of your life..

Editors Guide to Better Audio

I had a blast teaching with Cheryl Ottenritter.


If you want to reach her you can do it via Otthouse Audio

I don't have enough great words about how much I enjoy teaching with her. Especially when I'm wrong and learn something new. 

Proxies and You

My second class is something that I'm really happy is in Premiere - Proxies.

I have a class from Lynda coming out soon (seriously Lynda. You've had the class for months now.) If you start to do some cool workflows with proxies let me know.

I've included the preset that I've built in the zip file.

It's really two presets - one for encoding and the other for ingest (remember, encoding makes things smaller, ingest presets are about "copying" things around.) 

VR/360 Taking a look around.

The VR taking a look around - I hope you got what you wanted out of that class. Turns out they buried the description on the website. Grr. 

It's meant hopefully for insights - how easy it is to get started in VR....but also what happens as you step up tot he plate.

I found that hearing Lucas Wilson - our keynote - had a a pair of sharp insights.

First this idea: Immersion = Emotion = Engagement.

That VR is about greater emotional engagement. The other key idea was that 360 is just video - that adding some (any) level of interactivy is truly VR. You should know that the Unreal engine and Uunity are on my list of thigns to look into.

Obligatory I couldn't have done the VR class without help/thoughts/advice from Chris Bobotis of Mettle

Everything you always wanted to know about compression but were afraid to ask

Compression is a pet favorite topic.

I have an eight hour version of the class. Yes. I compresed it.

SomehowTOO HARD - and found myself about 15 min short. So I added to my deck the method of noise reduction using the Lumetri pane. It's written in the presentation ALONG with a preset that you can add to your system.

Organization in Adobe Premiere Pro

Last session was organizaiton. Something that every editor faces, based on time

Included with the notes is a Premiere project on search bins. It's not for distribution yet - and please read the accompanying text file. 

Parting notes

Yes, you can really get me to teach your group.. 

The notes are now via subscription. I won't market too much - more of a 'hey,  I’m speaking here and/or I'm coming to this given city'

Here is the link to subscribe and get my session notes (and more!)

NAB 2016 Quickpost!

DMDC - Government video show

This is a placeholder while the event goes on. - UPDATED Friday morning.

As I finish sessions, I like to post notes - but I also like to come back and finalize after the show is finished. And yes, this post will change over the next several days.

Presented so far


Adobe Video World/Premiere Pro World

Adobe Video World happens in Adobe's backyard in San Jose.. I've met some great people - and the GenArts night over at Gordon Biersch was loads of fun. Tonight is the expo night. Can't wait.

Meanwhile, of course I have more to post, but I wanted to get the notes up ASAP.

 If you have any pictures of me teaching, I'd sure love them - you can upload them here.

WHOOPS! How did I miss this? Here are the notes from the talk about Creating Custom Looks with Transfer Modes.

Post Production World NYC/ Content Creator World

NYC is always a favorite of mine. I don’t know what it was about this show, but the caliber of people this year was higher/more professional than the last five. Saw some old friends and made a bunch of new ones.

Oh, if you have any pictures of me teaching, I'd sure love them!

Here are my notes

And of course, yes, you’re welcome to email me if you have questions about this or anything else!

Adobe Max 2015

Adobe Max is absolutely one of the best conferences I get a chance to go to. The people, the show floor, the event itself - amazing.

Here are the session notes:

Yes, you can email me - yes, you can hire me too :D.

Oh, and if you have a picture of mine - either tag me on Facebook or email me directly - I'd love to have the picture!

UPDATE: Here is an upload link if you have a photo. It's good for about 1 week

FCPX Creative Summit

Absolutely a blast.

I saw a bunch of old friends and made a bunch of new ones. It doesn't get better than that.

I'll post some more later, but wanted to get my sessions posted ASAP.

In order:

Yes, feel free to reach out to say hi, ask questions. Please remember the next 2-3 weeks, it's key to review everything!

NAB is loads of fun, but loads of work.